Hello 👋!

Sharing my tech career journey through writing, covering topics from technology focused to career growth to help Engineers like you.

What to expect:

  • Atleast one article a month with couple of bonus articles, 5-10 minute reading content with images, architectures, coding.

    • Tech dives into software and data design and architecture to help your career grow.

    • Focused dives into core experiences to help you navigate your career.

    • Engineering Practices to help you become a better Engineer.

    • Opinions on modern and open source software to help you understand it better.

    • Book, Blog and Newsletter recommendations to help you grow further.

Why I write:

I love to write, I have been writing content since my college days in 2016, started from Blogger, moved to Ghost and now on Substack.

I think writing is a great way to:

  • Help you understand things better

  • Take notes but in more organized way

  • Share your knowledge to help others

I hope my content can help Engineers from different background to learn and understand from my experiences and my journey.

How to connect:

If you like to know what I am up to, or just like to connect, or have a question please send a request on Linkedin or a start a chat here.

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